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August 19, 2009
By katie_k SILVER, Los Altos Hills, California
katie_k SILVER, Los Altos Hills, California
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You embody what I fear
You create the odd and queer
You gallop in the silence of
What nightly wonder up above
The pink, the blue, the rainbow in
The grief you’ll never call a sin
Hanging from the windowsill
Deaf to you but call me still
I can’t let my mind cascade
Down to nothing, where you played
Paintings hanging on the wall
Keep them, trash them, do it all
Tell your friends you haven’t lost
At this price you pay a cost
I know where the preacher sings
Telling you what future brings
You’re not worried what’s to come
Butter bread and play it dumb
Sleeping where the devil thrives
Taking days away from lives
Dipping into colder water
Waiting ‘til the pot gets hotter
Kissing darkness on its head
Weaving every single thread
I know what you’ll leave behind
I thought you weren’t that way, that kind
The lies, the polish, careful cover
But on this place, why do you hover?
You say you’re gone, you’ll leave, you’ll go
Sink into the fiery low
The flame will falter, I will chant
Your pain, misfortune, angry rant
Trembling by your liven corpse
Into me, your body warps
I can take it, don’t you think
That I can’t paint nails pink
I know every second counts
Towards the angry tiger, pounce
Cherish what you find in me
Watch me linger in the sea
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t no more
See, my heart is weak and sore
I swam through your raving ocean
I did each step, I took each notion
You didn’t leave me log or boat
Colder, colder, had no coat
Put me in a plastic bottle
Couldn’t walk, I couldn’t waddle
Stuck me in your sinful pants
Made me cry and made me dance
Now you walk around in pride
I have no friend to sit beside
You took my life, you took it all
Pinned me up against a wall
Took my shoes to hold and dangle
My life inside your precious bangle
Pull it up your arm and wink
And to the floor I fall, I sink
Into madness, I shout and roar
I’m the apple with the core
Rising from the ocean waves
Leaving all the colder caves
Giving back the lives and days
Watching sunlight give us rays
We can go our separate ways.
Are you sorry? Can’t you see
This is what you did to me
I forgive you when you know
That I sit beneath the bow
Laid across the lady’s head
When she reads the books I’ve read
And whenever you will call
Deaf to me, I stand, you crawl
Never equal, me and you
You will never own my crew
Don’t be angry, don’t be sad
I know the man, I know your dad
He raised you well and taught you things
So that when your cellphone rings
I’ll be on the other line
Grow you roses, always mine
If you want life’s garden plants,
Put aside your childish rants
Start to look inside of me
As it happens, you are me

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