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To Know Where

August 19, 2009
By katie_k SILVER, Los Altos Hills, California
katie_k SILVER, Los Altos Hills, California
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Do you know where the sun shines?
Where the sky’s clouds have drained away,
Lost in the memory of the moon
And the girls skip hand-in-hand,
Their smiles white as the song that they sing
The sky streaked with warm colors;
Gold and red leak into the sky like the rain on the roof,
The sun an intensity that cannot be touched, identified, understood

Do you know where honesty sits?
Where he ascends from a golden throne to praise
Those humble who wish to breathe in his flowers,
Or to shun those who trample upon them instead
And the cold breeze whispers to fading pale light,
Tipping a glass of water, letting it drip upon the world
To cease the boisterous behavior occurring below

Do you know where the ground shakes in its restlessness?
Where he invites others to come endure his wrath
Of which only he, himself has caused
And that he continues only because he does not know how to stop,
But one day he will learn. We all learn.

Not every human being of the world knows
Where these places are, who they are, who they want to be.
And not every being can fall asleep
Knowing what will happen, be it good or bad.
But nobody wants to find that they have been targeted
With the unforgivable arrow shot from afar in permanence
For a sin they did not commit or know how to prevent
And in the last days one has
The past is the only clearness in their eyes,
Though its clarity they may dread, regret.

You know where the sun shines,
Where honesty sits, where the ground shakes in its restlessness.
You know the duties of time
And the knowledge has been thrust upon you
As you sink into what cannot be touched, identified, understood,
Tipping water upon the world to cease the behavior you neglected,
And shaking the earth in fury of what occurs below you.

Drifting across the timeline of your life,
You fade into the colors of the wind, you prevail
Reaching an invisible hand through the souls of your children,
Your husband, those you love inestimably
You release the gift you know will be cherished forevermore
You do prevail
You rise into the sky, shaking the hand of greatness,
Kissing the cheeks of bravery and courage,
Embracing love and fortune in your arms
To watch your loved evolve into the
Strong and beautiful beings who
Inhale the sweet fragrance of life
And continue to look to you for guidance
As you watch from above and turn their compasses
In the direction you are sure will lead them on
To where you know they will thrive.

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