My Sis MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   My SisShe was there with me,When I was born,When I learned how to: crawl, walk, and cry,When I lost my first tooth.We did everything together.Bought the same clothes.Wore our hair the same way.Bought the same toys.Even hung out together.Now, we've made different friends,Enjoyed different activities,Become different people,But we still have our special bond.Sometimes it's hard to let her know how I feel,Even though, I know she's always there to help me get through life.I always say good-night,Always ask how her day was.Sometimes we fight,But always seem to forgive.I'm writing this to let my twin sis know,That I am always there for her and care for her,Even though, we're not the same like we were supposed to Tara Barden, Hull, MA

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