How I really feel

August 19, 2009
By Savannah Long BRONZE, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Savannah Long BRONZE, North Little Rock, Arkansas
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Am I supposed to feel happy?
Because I don't.
Am I supposed to feel angry?
Because I don't feel that either.

Am I supposed to feel sad?
Because that's not how I feel.
Am I supposed to feel alone?
I don't feel that way at all.

I can't really discribe this feeling i have
I can't compress.
This nothingness.
It's neither regret or sorrow.
More of like...
There's no emotion,
There's no pain.
Can this be a real feeling,
Or is it all just a game?
My mind and heart are racing,
I can't see straight.
My stomach is aching,
This feeling, I can't escape.
I'm dying on the inside,
I'm not used to feeling this way.
Feeling so confined,
This is how I feel... Everyday.
You see my face,
Happy with a smile.
Slowly fading,
Then comes back for only another short little while.
You think my life's great,
Not a problem at all.
There is no problem,
So why does this nothingness seem to make me fall?

I ask myself these same questions everyday,
hoping the answers will change.
But that still doesn't make,
this feeling go away.

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