Statue Princess

August 19, 2009
By shelby france BRONZE, Chorley, Other
shelby france BRONZE, Chorley, Other
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I am Fernando and you are my statue princess,
you will guide me to the centre of my life,
but let no love commence upon this journey,
i, the prince, will follow your guidence and succeed on my travelling.
you, my statue princess, will not only take me,
but love me on this journey,
and from this day forth will known as my one true love.
This journey has had no prince nor princess,
to take upon and fight for what life is about.
the guidence that you take me on,
is a war of love and a way of life,
that i will take with thee and travel with you, my Statue princess.
For our way of life be different to those who know us.
Love is a kind and strenghening guidence ont his journey.
this journey is you,
my love,
my statue princess.

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