With my eyes

August 19, 2009
By asante kivoi BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
asante kivoi BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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I see the stars with my eyes how
they dnt blend but come together
to brighten up the night
how I can feel the wind with my skin how it brushes aginst me over andover agian
like i keep staring and the aroma
of the food that momma is cooking
goes through my nose
i use my brain to come to conclusion its almost dinner time
i use my legs to walk while
my feet move me
how my mind controls my body but i control my mind
i use my skin to touch while my fingers help identify what things
and they move just like my toes and let me pick up things
yet i use my body to dance and my arm to swim
i let my fingers help me write when
i have to jot something down
yet i see the green of the grass
i guess everythings for something different i let my mind think and
my mind roam
i guess i got lost but by writting i have been found

The author's comments:
just something that came to mind while i was roaming the house

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