May 18, 2009
By Elly Stout GOLD, Columbia, Illinois
Elly Stout GOLD, Columbia, Illinois
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Listening to our song
Thinking of you
Crying hard and not knowing what to do
Missing you
Knowing your with her
Wishing I could have you
Yet knowing it won’t ever be
We won’t ever be
Now I’m dying
Red hot blood running off my hand
Dripping into the water
Wishing I wouldn’t have done this
Forgetting that you won’t care once you know
Pain soon will be gone
Just waiting through the slow death
Floating through the clouds
Seeing you two together
Crying my heart out
Tears pouring down once it starts to rain
Please just leave for one moment while I finish my floating
Through my life
Because I’m finally where I should’ve been all along
With the only one who actually loves me…
My Grandpa Joe

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