Our Dirty Little Secret

May 18, 2009
By Anonymous

You never knew how much you hurt me,
How much you took away from me.
Some innocence,
but mostly my life.

But no one will ever know. I’m too ashamed
To tell a soul. Only we know
Our dirty little secret,

the times you hurt me,
And the times you stole everything,
Everything that belonged to me.

You made me hurt myself trying to forget.
Many things ran through my mind…
Some won’t ever be tried… again.
No matter what happens.

Luckily I found my one true love who knows
About our dirty little secret, and still loves me.
He knows every little thing about me,
Like wanting you in jail,
For the days you decided that your own wanting
Had been worth taking my life from me.

Like wanting to kill you for hurting me
For doing the unthinkable to a 14 year old girl.

Hopefully you learned your lesson.
Hopefully I was the last girl you ever…


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