For Ethan: A Wakeup Call

May 18, 2009
By Anonymous

This one is for Ethan
The boy who won’t look up
And see through his own eyes
The boy who doesn’t know
Just everything everyone is going through

Sometimes you need to
Think everything through
Before you act
Sometimes you need to
Wonder to yourself
Before you tease
I’m telling you
You gotta look back
And look at the destruction in your wake
Make sure relationships
Are what they should be
Make sure words
Are something you won’t regret
Make sure
You don’t forget
One word
Can hurt someone
You say you’re sorry
But I can only forgive so much
You say
“This time I mean it”
But I know
That you said that last time
And look what happened now
What makes you think
That you’re entitled?
What make you think
You deserve forgiveness
Every time?
Jesus may have been perfect
But I sure ain’t
And neither are you
Not by a long shot
Therefore, though I may try
I can’t be just like Him
In every way
And I can’t forgive
Quite that easy
So look back
At the destruction in your wake
Make sure you ain’t
Hurting anyone along the way
Make sure you
Left things the way they should be
Hope you didn’t interfere
Where you shouldn’t have
Hope you didn’t
Break as many hearts
As you’ve had girlfriends
Hope you didn’t crush
The spirited innocence
Of a girl whose heart
Had never been broken before
But damn, Ethan
You did
I have the proof
In my heart
In my mind
And in my friends
We all too typically fell for you
But look out
‘Cause we ain’t falling for you
Ever again
We’re smarter because of you
And for that
Thank you
We’re prepared now
For disguised Ethans
Along the narrow path of life
We all know you
Can do better
Can be nicer
Can be sweeter
So why don’t you?
Showing out for you friends
Doesn’t mean you have to be an a**
Just be you
People will like you better
For it
In the long run
And if you think
That I’m going crazy
You can ask other girls
They’ll say the same
And why, Ethan?
Because it’s the truth
We know it
Because we’ve all experienced it
At one time or another
The next time you say
“I’m sorry”
Just think about
The fact that I may not forgive
So easily
You have to work harder for mine
Jesus hands it out
Says to forgive 70 times 7
He might can
He even loves you too
I can’t
Not yet
He’s still teaching me how
You should still be learning too
About how to think quick
And talk slow
Life is short, Ethan
Take advantage of it
But make it a good life
Don’t spend your dying breaths
Regretting the way
You treated me and my friends
Be nice
Be sweet
I don’t like hating you
Anymore than you like saying sorry
But I can’t even have you as a friend
When you destroy it
Every other day
So take Coach Hale’s advice
Make life what you want it
Because you’re not promised tomorrow

This one is for Ethan
The boy who hopefully now understands
The pain we’re all in from him
The boy who might just become humble
And learn to love

The author's comments:
This is the story of a guy who goes to school with me from ecnounters I've had with him over the 4 years I've known him. He deserves every word.

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