The End

May 16, 2009
By Anonymous

It all started that cold night of November.
As she laid there with tears in her eyes, pleading for mercy for her life, from a man once called a friend, the one she feared would bring her life to an end
Her trust was crushed, her spirit broken, her eyes she could barely open
Now she covers up scars that reflect the past, everyday putting on a mask, to hide the truth of what she tries so hard to deny everyday of her life
Pleading with God to take this memory away, she feels her pride fade away. Worthless, empty, and used is what she knows, hoping it doesn’t show
She thinks back to that night and something changes in her mind, a sense of power, a sense of change, thinking of everything she’s gained, and finally letting go of the pain
Now she stands before him today, smile on her face as her pride leads the way; the way to a new start, a new life, new reasons to be alive
As she closes her eyes a page turns and ends that chapter in her life. Never to be repeated, never to be relived, she thinks to herself, ‘Finally this is the end’.

The author's comments:
This was the hardest poem I've ever wrote. I was raped by a man I thought was my friend two years ago, and have been struggling to get past it. I hope someone can relate to this and gain some kind of comfort.

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