A Time Well Wasted

May 18, 2009
By KassieK123 BRONZE, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
KassieK123 BRONZE, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
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As you probably know.
Each day is a gift,
With that, "Somewhere in the Stratosphere"
The light was shining as you surrounded me in your endless love.

Well the time passed and it got hard,
The loss, the embarrassment, I couldn’t take anymore,
I would have flown, but I couldn’t find wings,
To fly away, far away from here.
When you find someone else, I hope they mean more to you, then what I meant to you,
I was your dirt under your feet as you walked along the narrow path of hatred.

My heart is gone,
But as all the colors flow together,
I transform, I am a new person.
There will always an obstacle,
But eventually you have to get over it and fly to a new time,

Don’t live in the past, Don’t wait for the future,
Your destiny is right here, right now,
That’s why the call it the present,

You learn lessons fast, and most likely the hard way, but always keep moving, or the time with pass before you.

Each day is a gift,
So I please hope you use them wisely.
Because, it was a time well wasted with you,
A time well wasted

The author's comments:
Shinedown's "Second Chance" quote

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