A Poem for Andrew

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Nature is cancer, its course unpredicted,
So beautiful its evolution, so fatal to be in its way.
Nature is cancer, so gradual yet so vicious,
The two parallel in their strength and their mischief.
Is it gratifying to know you’re dying?
Would you really like to know?
Tell your loved ones not to shed a tear, it’s merely your time to go.
If it didn’t happen to him, to someone else it would,
Let us pray for Andrew, that his loss may be understood.

The author's comments:
January 11, 1992 - May 9, 2009...
For those who did not know Andrew while we had him, he was a seventeen-year-old skateboarder with a passion for life. He was playing paintball with his two older brothers when he passed, as he had a congenital heart disease and his excitement overwhelmed him. He was a Sophomore/Junior and we went to school together. Please kindly keep him in your prayers. Thanks alot, guys.

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