Her Mother Cries

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Young girl, so naive
hears her mother cry.
Young ambition
Hopeful dreams
slowly seem to die.

Pick up and move away.
So many miles behind.
And every single night
she heard all the words
that broke her down inside.

What's a fist but five fingers?
With a blow they strike.
She thinks it's all normal now.
Everything's alright.
But still she hears her cry.

Growing up,
she grew so dumb.
She feel for all the boys.
And still at night,
her thoughts drowned out
by all the fuss and noise.

She broke the lamp.
"Daddy, I'm sorry!"
but he doesn't care.
Count the lashes.
Almost done.
Is anybody there?

Sister goes to college.
One more protector down.
Marries a guy so far away.
Beneath her pain, She drowns.

"Replaced," she says to a friend.
"And by her none the less."
Her sister's man had a sister.
She starts to feel depressed.

Her sister has a new one
because that stupid ring?
Blood's thicker than water, right?
But a diamond's another thing.

Then what's this?
Her friend grows distant too?
"I've found who I want to be now,
and I'm moving on from you."

One by one
support beams crumble.
Then this girl says,
"They all left me,
I'm all alone,
might as well be dead."

Pop some pills
in her room.
Twelve, maybe more.
She starts to doze
until she hears
a knocking at the door.

Mom walks in
and sees the girl.
She slowly hits the floor.
She yells for help.
There's no response.
Her husband just ignores.

Sirens blast, lights flash.
Where is she going?
Mommy cries as they drive.
The weakness, it starts showing.

Little brother is confused.
What happened to his sister?
Why's she here? What's that beeping?
Is he going to hit her?

Big brother sleeps in a chair
until it's time to go.
What will happen to all them
When her daddy gets them home?

"It's not your fault,"
she tries to say,
but her voice is just too weak.
She can't get up, can't even move.
She jkust wants to speak.

Weeks go by
but daddy's eyes,
they never met with hers.
Is he ashaimed?
He always is.
And in her heart, it hurts.

School starts up.
14 years old
and again, the world begins.
She meets some people in her school.
She starts to call them friends.

She finds some stuff she really likes-
the stage that calls her name.
There she found some peace of mind-
a place to hide her pain.

being someone else
It helped her hide away.
Long sleeves and makeup for the bruises,
and now she had some fame.

One day she met a boy.
Prince charming, sword and all.
And when he said he loved her,
the tears began to fall.

Not6 once did she hear it.
Not once from mom or dad.
In all the months since that one night.
She lost the love she thought she had.

Dark eyes and charming smile.
What was not to believe?
Little did she know
prince charmings do deceive.

She fell for all his words.
She was young and still naive.
He knew how to charm her.
He knew she would believe.

Her broken heart in hand,
He walked out of her life.
For months, she still loved him.
She lost the will to fight.

Now looking back on all those days
she sees how she has grown.
During all those struggles
there's no way she could have known.

Months after her mom's birthday
they ran away from home.
She found a real prince charming,
and now she's not alone.

After all that crying
her eyes have seen the light.
And after all that hardship,
she knows she'll be alright.

Thinking back to all those times
she thought she'd give up hope
she sees that all those "give up" thoughts
cause a downward slope.

She learned to have a better look,
To keep her chin held high.
Before you know it, those bad days
will quickly pass you by.

In the end, she sees now
that hardships never last.
Sometimes you have to walk away
and leave things in your past.

Young woman so determained
hears her mother cry.
But this time it's because of hope
living in her daughter's eyes.

Her heart is filled again with love.
Her face lights up with pride.
She hands her daughter a wedding ring
to start off her new life.

The author's comments:
This is dedicated to my mother; for all she's been through and the life she's made for us on her own. She is the strongest person I know, and I wouldn't be who I am today without her. I will always be greatful.
I love you, Mom.

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