Dying Day

May 14, 2009
By BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
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A Lonely eagle, flying away
on this Bleeding, Dying Day
Prisoner bound in chains.
A feather falls.
An Innocent Man to die today.

Priests. In the streets
They pray, on a Dying Day
their booted feet walk
a child cries,
a Lonely Eagles mock.
Spectators, bloodthirsty Fiends.
shouting, throwing things
Prisoner led to cement block
in his ear, a lonely eagles mock
Executioner salutes, eyes of hate
Prisoner nods,
Accepting fate.
Among the bloodthirsty fiends,
a man, he lazily leans.
no chain upon his hands or feet.
The Guilty Man is on the street.

Prisoner kneels,
Accepting fate.
Executioner, eyes of hate.
raise an instrument of bloody teeth
While The Guilty Man befriends
A Priest
on a Bleeding, Dying Day.
Fiends in attendance, eyes aflame,
think death is just a game,
Instrument of Blind Belief.
Bleeding Sunlight from its teeth.
Drops its fangs to a naked neck.
The feather drops onto the deck.

The Eagle, in its lonely glide,
A child, that mocked his fate,
Fiends, whose wives faces hide,
Executioner, with eyes of hate,
Priests, the people's guide,
Guilty Man, in an arrogant stride,
All Freeze. Teeth and Neck collide.

Thunder Clap. Mysterious, Mystical.
The teeth explode,
Ten Billion Crystals,
Shiny powder in the air,
Contrasting, Something Fair.

Executioner, eyes of Fear.
Bright Feather sits on deck
Accepting Fate,
Finds his Death will have to wait.
Innocent blood, staying spared,
Fiends, confused, not prepared.
An Innocent Man,
Accepting Fate.
Finds his Death will have to wait.
He smiles, Bright Feather on deck,
He retains his naked neck

The Guilt Man drops,
Priest Robes stained,
The Bleeding Day flows
From A Guilty Man's veins.
Blood Splatters, Chaos is born.
Executioner, eyes of Tears,
Intrument back to its sheath.
Red stains, on Priests Robes,
In the Shape of Bleeding Teeth.

Fiends flee, eyes aflame,
Prisoners station not the same.
He is released from every chain,
He hears Angels sing his name.

Pandemonium runs about with glee
While bloodthirsty Fiends flee.
Priest shouts to the heavens,
asking why his new friend
Has Vanished.

Mysterious, Mystical.
A Bleeding Day
With Ten Billion Crystals.
Executioner, eyes of Death,
Cannot remember feeling worse,
The child swears,
"This must be
Some kind of Curse."

Crowds sounds fade away,
The Prisoner called to die today.
Plucks a feather from the deck,
And looks to a flying figure,
The Lonely Eagle,
In his mind, the figure stays,
Miracles even happen on Dying Days.

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