May 12, 2009
By Pepa Pasatu BRONZE, Berlin, Other
Pepa Pasatu BRONZE, Berlin, Other
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Clothes, food, cars and houses
All this yiu can only get with it
It’s not big nor is it heavy
But it’s important to all of us!
Some parents give their children for it,

On some other planet it would be worthless
But on earth it makes our world turn crazy!
In casinos you can see it see it cling,cling
And hear it everywhere cling, cling, cling
Money, MONEY makes the world go round!

Money may be unfair devided
But what are you without money?
A nobody!
You don’t have an apartment to live in,
You don’t have a bed to sleep in,
You don’t have the money for food.

Money is power,it gives you power,
Power to rule and power to kill
And if you don’t know or accept it
I don’t know if you’ll survive
In our little world called earth!

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