May 11, 2009
By Skylar Lester BRONZE, North Palm Beach, Florida
Skylar Lester BRONZE, North Palm Beach, Florida
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Life is at the frayed end of yarn
Each fiber equally unsure

Matted and gnarled like the struggles we face

The endless search for a cure

Where to go?

Your feet ask the pavement

Cracked by the weight of man

Who run and ruin and wreck and rape

Our sorry shell of land

The irony of everyday is inescapable

Cream my coffee for me, because apparently I'm incapable

Sipping laziness from a cup

Tainted by America's ways

We watch the news to figure out

Who has died today

Rapidly increasing body count

And the destruction's just begun

How long till dear heaven breaks

Its barrier, wax in the sun

Softened by our carelessness

Dripping from our need,

Boiling from exhaust we run

And melting from our greed

The author's comments:
venting my social commentary about the world, to the world.

keep breathing

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