Something Lost, Something Gained

May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

pressed up against the wooden
door frame.
With a deep breath,
thoughts race through my head:
How could this have happened?
How could she make such a life altering mistake?
What happened to her principles, her priorities,
her promises?
The silence is shattered by an unmistakable gasp;
a gasp of horror, agony, despair…
and defeat.
A gasp meaning that her suspicions
are confirmed.
The door opens,
so slowly that it is painful
and all I see
is her tortured face
and her desperate eyes.
The rivulets of her tears are
reminiscent of her familiar
glittered eye liner-
but all that glitters is not gold.
This is a nightmare that she will not wake from,
no silver lining in sight.

He was the boy who swept her off
her feet.
With false promises and lies.
He was her knight in shining armor,
to carry her off into the golden sunset.
He was the one
who made her forget the pain
of her own reality.
Though she found consolation in his arms,
the only thing he found was another girl
to take advantage of,
to manipulate,
to ruin.
She said he loved her,
I said he was lying.
She said he would never hurt her,
I told her he’d break her heart.
She said it would last forever,
I was convinced it would not.
But pain makes one blind,
she could not have seen it coming.

Her fortress built of dreams, hopes, and plans-
Though strongly fortified, the siege
has finally ended. Though she won the battles,
she has lost the war; the walls destroyed
in mere minutes from the final thrust.

She has made many mistakes,
but unlike others
this one cannot be hidden
by an optimistic grin or sunny disposition.
For once,
she won’t be able to run.
For once,
she will have to deal with her actions.
For once,
she knows that it’s not just about her

I feel her pain,
her glistening tears are my own.
But it is not my fate
being foretold by a
little pink stick…
it’s hers.

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