an enchanted conspiracy

May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

an over weight girl with a knife in her hand
the music blaring to the beat of the band
her sister is in the bathroom with a finger down her throat
singing along to every note
everyone has their best friends but shes left alone
waiting for the calls beside the phone
the boys they always do this, they say they love her as she falls for their charms
and the next day their gone, another girl in his arms
her parents are they but they don't change anything
left left each other after everything
she uses last resorts and escapes in her books
anything to ignore the dramatic girl's looks
she has too many memories and regrets
too many things she cant forget
she knows life is filled with ups and downs
knows shes not alone with nothing but frowns
im lost trying to discover who i really am with a knife in my hand
the music blasting to the beat of the band

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