May 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Why, you ask me over and over.
Why do am I so unhappy?
You really want to know?
You can’t handle it.
I don’t care any more, I will tell you.
I love you and it’s hopeless to, I know.
But let me explain.
It is just you,
You look lost,
And you don’t see I’m the one who found you.
What do you mean, you ask.
It’s just hard for you to love and fit in.
Don’t ask me how I know, I just do.
But my true reason for anything I do is,
This love for you won’t go away.
I would literally do anything for you.
When you need someone I ‘m there,
But the problem is,
You just push me away so I can’t help you.
I know that you really know how I feel about you.
The thing is you want that “challenge”.
I am not going to hide what I feel,
Everyday I hide myself but I can’t hide from you.
I would give you everything you need.
I would give my life for yours to stay.
You need blood take mine.
Need a heart mine is already yours to keep.
Need someone to love you,
Here I am.
Now you know, the one thing
That makes me crazy like this is “you”.
And that is not going to change,
Only when you accept my love
Will this pain stop

The author's comments:
A guy that i love more than ever is the one who inspired me to write this. my friend were really supportive of the fact that i took up poetry to help me through my hard times.

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