I Burn on the inside, everyday

May 4, 2009
I burn on the inside, everyday.
Everyday I live,
I want to walk off a bridge,
My skin is frostbitten,
It’s so cold out here,
Ohh…my it’s so cold,
So cold…
My heart is branded inside,
It’s so hot in here,
It burns, it hurts,
Good lord it’s so hot,
So very hot,

Yet I live…
I breathe…

I smile…

Because I am selfless,
For them,
Those who love me,
and will miss me.
For them, I live to make them happy

Why can’t you just let me go.
End my misery,
Stop the pain,
Please, let me go
Its your turn to be selfless,
I love you,
But I can’t do this anymore,
Don’t make me stay,
Let me go, let me go

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