I Hate You

May 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I hate you. Do you understand?
I gave you my heart, put it in your hand
you broke it in two, but now I’m through.
I'm done wasting my time even though you always on my mind
this is bulls***!
I scream at you with words I don't mean, and you sit there and take it like you don’t care.
All that you have put me through isn't fair.
I hate you with all the lies you have said.
It seems like you might be messed up in the head.
I hate you, hello don’t you see.
I’m standing here in front of you, while you’re looking at me.
With that stupid little smirk, you’re making your self look like a jerk.
I hate you, I'm tired of the chase.
It always feels like a race.
I hate you don’t you get it.
I feel like I have to throw a fit.
I hate you, it's only three words.
Do I have to shout so I will be heard?
I hate you that’s all I can say.
I keep telling myself to just walk away.
I hate you, for the things you do to me.
I'm hoping one day you will see.
I hate you, with what you have done, feels like you shot my heart with a gun.
I hate you, when you say I don’t know.
It kind of seems your putting on a show.
Trying to be Mr. Cool, you’re making yourself look like a fool.
I hate you for playing with my head.
All I want to do is cry and go lay down in bed.
I hate you, for making me wait.
Meeting you was fait.
I hate you, please just let me explain.
I’m afraid of losing you when you’re away.
You have to understand what I see when your sitting there looking at me.
I don’t want to hate you or even think of it that way.
So will you just sit here with me and stay?
See the thing is I’m not losing you today.
I don’t hate you, yet love you in everyway

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