My angel

May 2, 2009
I sit on the bathroom floor
Tears running down my face
I’m tired of trying
I whisper to no one
I’m ready to give up
Ready to give up on life
Give up on myself
My shaky hands pick up the knife
The cool blade calms me down
As I slowly lower it onto my wrist
I push down
One cut feels good
But its not enough
As I place the blade right on my vein
I beg God for a sign that someone cares
I’m ready to finally give up..
When I hear a knock
And someone Calling my name
I look up and realize this is Gods sign
Saying someone cares
I lift the knife From my wrist
Wipe away my tears
Open the bathroom door and
Hug my angel without wings.

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Evelyn said...
Jul. 1, 2010 at 4:30 pm

OMB!!!! looooveeeee ittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hav favorited this. its beautiful! i hav no words to part my lips to describe how magnificent this is!!!!!!


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