Trust Me

May 2, 2009
By genevaS. GOLD, Oak Park, Illinois
genevaS. GOLD, Oak Park, Illinois
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Trust me
i'll be there when you need me
i'll be your protector
you be safe with me
when i finally trust you
you hurt me
the pain is so sharp
I lost my voice swiftly
you have stolen from me
you ask what ave you stolen
It's not my heart
not my soul
nor my mind
it's my sense of secruity and freedom
just looking at you makes me lose my train of thought
slowly but swiftly
the words you say to me
you killing me
yet i'm enjoying it
as i lok at the ground
i see the light
it is hypnotizing
In my mind
I am reaching out to it
the last few seconds of my life
i look up at you
i gather the last of my strenght to say
Thank You

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