Trapped in an Annorexic Life2

May 7, 2009
By Anonymous

I am crying so hard my heart is skipping beats.
The tears stain my cheeks, and touch my lips. I taste the saltiness.
How much farther can I go? How much more can I take before I break?
Or maybe I'm already broken- a shattered, helpless soul.
A soul that doesn't know how to breathe anymore.
A soul that only knows fear.
A soul that has forgotten how to live.

I'm never going to escape the voices in my head.
I'm never going to learn to control them.
I thought I beat them before, but the truth is I never did.
They come to me in a different form-
Not the form that tells me the razor is the answer
But a form that tells me starvation is the key.

Each day its harder to remember the days I was a worry-free little girl.
Each day my hope and pride diminishes a little more.
Each day I grow weaker.
Each day a piece of me is murdered- kissed goodbye by the cold lips of demons.

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