Cassy Wilson

April 30, 2009
By Anonymous

I was one of those girls that nobody liked.
One of those girls who everyone picked on.
One of those girls why people hated me because I was different.
I could never find a way out of things.
I had been messaging this one guy on the computer.
He would tell me how beautiful I was.
I felt special talking to him.
He told me that he wanted to meet me.
So I snuck out and got a train ticket to Colorado.
We had planned it out for a long time how we would meet.
We were to meet at this forest that he said was amazing
And we were going to look up at the stars.
I walked into the woods and saw a campfire and a tent already set up.
I set my stuff down and somebody came.
“Hey Beautiful.”
I did’t recognize the man.
He came toward me and then everything went blank.
I woke up in the tent with my undergarments on.
He wasn’t around.
I walked out of the tent and started running.
I ran and ran and screamed when he caught me.
That was the end of me…

The author's comments:
This could happen and i had a friend who would always talk to guys on the comouter and i advised her not to for her own safety.
So please girls? Stay safe.

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