The world how i see it

August 10, 2009
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I see life through mature eyes.
A young girl who has been though much in her short life.
Able to look at both sides and not judge.
I see the world as a constant adventure.
Full of controversies and contradictions.
I see beautiful sights and feel gut-wrenching sorrows.
Having quiet solitude is precious.
There is a reason for every action.
Life goes on at the same pace.
Not caring how blind you feel, or how lost you are.
Life as I see it is spending time with my friends and family.
Memories are priceless.
Being an individual is unique and unheard of.
The world as I see it has smiles, and no regret.
No greed or anger.
The world is what we chose to make of it.

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Inkspired said...
Aug. 19, 2009 at 10:36 pm
Love this! Very nicely expressed views, and I agree with them!
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