First Day @ A New School

August 10, 2009
By beeg2201 BRONZE, Bettendorf, Iowa
beeg2201 BRONZE, Bettendorf, Iowa
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Waking up at 7
Taking sister to school, mom cryin' her eyes out
Trying not to worry

Getting to school...
What a large building compared to the last.
Being scared so scared.
Stomach a reck.

Thinking why,
Why did I have to leave.

But, not once thinking
Thinking about what others say
about Me.

Getting to homeroom, pretty...
boring I'd have to say.
Teacher uh he's okay.

First skinny...choir.
Hey alright one of my favs.
But, not today. Full of freshman,
Not that there bad.
But, it would be nice to have
Have more teens my age in here.

The rest of the day...
all pretty much the same.

Me missing my hometown.
Not having a familiar face.
But then thinking it's
High School.

So everything will turn around.

The author's comments:
This is a piece i wrote the first day of my 10th grade in high school. I had live in my old town since i was little and had gone to school with the same people so walking in the door of a totally new school without knowing anyone was pretty creepy and scary for me. Especially, because I am a quiet person. (at this school our classes are considered blocks and a skinny is one half of a block so 2 skinnys equals one block.)(yes it is confusing)

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