Just In Time

August 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Gotta fight my way,
To make it through today,
Turn the tables now,
Of this family war,
Pull me from this hate,
Save me from myself,
Kill the rage inside of me,
Just in time,
I bleed hate,
I see rage,
Throw the knife from my grip,
Shatter the mirror of your broken life,
Watch it crumble to the floor,
Beat your fist into the ground,
Scream til your lungs gives out,
Feel your body shake,
With the racking sobs,
Fall to the ground,
With the blood on your fists,
The floor tinted red,
Stained with your blood,
I see hate,
I bleed rage,
I feel the hatred inside of me,
Just in time,
Coursing through my veins,
Bile in my throat,
The acid quickly rising,
Just in time,
I feel my death today,
But only just today,
I’m ready to die today,
It’s my time..

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