Falling Out/ Falling In

August 13, 2009
I think my heart’s
Slowly fading away from you
Yet I enjoy spending
Time with you
But sometimes
You ask for way too much
Sometimes it just gets tiring
And I think I know why
Cuz Baby, I got something to say
I think I’m falling out of love with you
And falling in with someone new
I’ve known him longer
He’s much sweeter
He plays the guitar
And he’s so cute
But yet I still want you
*Ugh*, how can this be
I don’t understand
I like holding you
And kissing you
And going places with you
But sometimes the way you act
And what you think
Pushes me away
Which is why Im falling out
And falling in with someone new
But yet I don’t want to
Cuz I still want you

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