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August 13, 2009
By Jessicka BRONZE, Bradenton, Florida
Jessicka BRONZE, Bradenton, Florida
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Yes, and then failure.
It is true the more you give the more they take.
And they want to squeeze all the worth right out of you.
So that you curl and dry up like, well like a salted snail.
They want to eat you.
And so they have this all planned out.
Oh but of coures, you do not let them know you are aware of their little plan.
They would'nt like for you to be aware.
Instead you smile.
what else can you do?
Yes, and so knowing this you walk on in before your dinner guests.
And you dress yourself up in fine spices, and you lay right on top of their dining table.
Oh but you are not what they expected.
You taste sour with a touch of knowledge.
You see ignorance is sweet.
And they like sweet.
yes, and then failure.

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