Child's Play

August 13, 2009
Years before now we sat
Hidden behind a car
Giggling at the coming footsteps
“I see you”
We ran for what seemed like an eternity
Up a hill
Around a tree
And over many obstacles
But the seeker always won
So why did we bother hiding

Today we hide
This time not behind a car or any other inanimate object
But within the interior walls of our skin
Secrets locked up

We’re a mirror image
Of the perfect child, friend, love
But there’s always the question
Who are we, really?

Do we like the sport we play
The music we listen to
Or even the clothes we wear

How would we act if all the pressure disappeared
If we only had to impress ourselves
If we were true to each other
Not judgmental

But instead we run when were caught
We run for miles, months, years
Like the saying goes
The seeker always wins
The secrets always found
And the runner always slips
So why do we bother hiding at all

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