August 13, 2009
By Anonymous

She lives enclosed in innocence
She wears it as a shroud
She knows nothing of this world
But she smiles anyhow.

She is blinded by mystery
She is lost inside of hate
Love is but a distant dream
While she’s wide awake.

She comes and goes as she wishes
She leaves behind distress
She is a villain and a monster
In a frilly dress.

She will not respond to you
She doesn’t answer calls
She is a wicked vile tornado
Frequenting shopping malls.

She will flip her golden curls
And titter behind her hand
She is a royal, twisted princess
Of this holy land.

She will delve into conversation
A shallow sphere of words
Of ponies, parties and green tea
Of kittens, puppies, birds.

For she is small and sweet of heart
A catering by disaster
No poor soul no young fool
Is strong enough to last her

For she is pretty and serene
She is young, unwise
Flaunting all her innocence
For unarmed innocent eyes.

This will certify that the above work is completely original

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