Mad Axeman's Confetti

August 13, 2009
By EFarrar GOLD, Greenwell Springs, Louisiana
EFarrar GOLD, Greenwell Springs, Louisiana
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Mad axeman's confetti:
Red as a sun-stricken rose.
Mad axeman's confetti:
Darker than anyone knows.

Mad axeman's confetti:
Taken with every blow.
Mad axeman's confetti:
Watch as it gushes and flows.

Taking the life of his family,
Then to his neighbor's home.
Greeted with cheer!
Stricken with fear!
No more.

The author's comments:
I was starving for an idea when my brother suggested I go outside with him. He had to chop wood, and as he did, wood chips flew every which way like confetti. I envisioned it as blood and imagined a crazy killer hacking people to pieces...We ended up singing it into a song.

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