Rhapsody on a Sunny Spring Morn MAG

August 13, 2009
By Jarnickae Wilson BRONZE, Nassau, Other
Jarnickae Wilson BRONZE, Nassau, Other
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Beneath the spring's first rays,
Underneath the cherry tree that saw
The finest hours of mid-life
Eclipsed by this morn's thunders
That shook the earth within,
The twelve obelisks that surround the barren tree
I must shield
Risk derided;
As they did the sputtering fool in the House.

Underneath that cherry tree that saw
Raindrops fall with deadly payload;
Only to sliver
Drip down the body
Peeling away the bloody bark;
Whispering in the blood that seeped into the earth;
Blood of a thousand conquests;
Seeping round and round …
… round and round
The lines:
Rings of bark.
As they did the face of the seditious Hindu:
The enemy of the sputtering fool in the House.

Underneath the cherry tree that saw
The mourning waters traverse the lines;
Dance across the ages;
Deride degree of antiquity;
To wash away the sin of old age;
Restore the naiveté of youth;
Restore the vision of spring
Allowing the eyes to see once more;
The bones to feel the pain once dulled.
Screaming for the mind to relieve,
The eyes that the moon's incantations
Could heal for a time.
A Child:
Its head bent forward with the shame of lust;
Its one eye black with the sin of knowledge;
Its hand absent with the sin of greed.
As they did:
Death the destroyer of worlds;
The seditious Hindu;
The enemy of the sputtering fool in the House that moans;
I am the friend of death himself;
And I shall let him
The destroyer of worlds.

Under the cherry tree that sees
The sun proclaim boldly,
Reclaiming the blood fallen,
Wrapping around the branches of the leaves,
Kissing the New Bark;
More powerful than any spell
Whispered under the clock-struck darkness;
Dissipating under the cover of light.
You have seen eyes,
They peer out of blinds?
I have seen eyes that peer in the desert;
More innocent than that child on the quay.
Away from the blood;
Liberated from the key;
The key of memory …

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