Who to Love?

August 12, 2009
By BrooklynMichelle BRONZE, Fresno, California
BrooklynMichelle BRONZE, Fresno, California
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Your head in my lap
My hand in your hair
Though it seems just a gesture
Its all my feelings toward you

I try to keep it simple
While trying to let you know
But my love for you is more than simple
Its a volcano waiting to blow

I hide my emotions
I keep it bottled up
But every time I see you,
Every time you smile

My love for you expands
And soon it will expose
You'll see through my eyes
And see only yourself

The warmth in your smile
The beauty of your hair
The sparkle in your eyes
The reason your not mine

You'll see the way you look at her
And the way she looks at you
You'll feel the envy, of when I look at you
And realize that your two

You come up from behind her
And sneak in a hug
And when she turns to look at you,
You smile and kiss her

I picture myself there,
With me in your arms,
and your love exuberantly shows
but then she sees and feels betrayed

Not by you, but by me
Best friends stick together
Best friends are 'till the end
So I must be loyal and stay away from you

It's hard for me to do,
When your my friend too
Everyday I see you,
And my heart wants to explode

I can't tell her
I can't tell you
Or our friendship would be through,
I love you both, but neither of you more

No matter what I do,
No matter what I say,
I'm stuck between the two of you
And all reason goes astray, and my heart leads the way

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