August 12, 2009
By timefororeos BRONZE, Culver City, California
timefororeos BRONZE, Culver City, California
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Hope is devastating,
Time is devouring.
Our thoughts are winding,
Our love undying.

Our eyes are deceiving,
Our lips are foolish,
The past is hopeless,
The truth is painless.

As we look upon the stars.
Star-crossed lovers, that's who we are.
Hands combined, we know what's right.
Our eyes are closed, our thoughts are hidden.

We break at the dusk.
We think about the things we've missed.
What went on begins again,
From a speck of dust, life starts to live.

Tonight we should see,
all the words we need to reach.
The world now round as life,
is just one big controversy.

Yet time goes on and we know,
That it's not that hard to believe.
The love we had will still be there.
Even after a millennium years.

Let the earth revolve around the sun,
While the sun dances in its orbit.
The stars will laugh as they think,
That your heart doesn't belong to me.

But deep inside, we both know.
That your heart is mine, as mine is yours.
We live on as others die,
Only because our love stays alive.

Even after ages pass,
Strings of our love are still attached.
Our love preserved in nature's spell.
We'll sail away from this planet Earth.

The author's comments:
This is about someone I loved :]

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