Fancy the Times

August 12, 2009
By timefororeos BRONZE, Culver City, California
timefororeos BRONZE, Culver City, California
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Who could've known what would become,
Who could've forced this into its final turn.
Believing in myself seemed so easy at first,
But now I know that there are people I can't trust.

Blood leaves the brain as love leaves the heart,
Time will tell what goes through the veins,
But for right now I'm stuck in concrete walls,
Where flowers die, but hope remains.

Some words are there for us to hate,
The tones all overwhelming to our ears,
What we can't handle is locked away,
Yet the things we love, we throw in flames.

Abuse is still our mind’s form of truth,
It's what we do to the things that make sense.
If it's reasonable, we cut it out,
Yet if it's insane, we cherish it.

What kinds of times are we in now?
Where night is day and love is hate.
Who to trust and who to fear.
Time goes on, but hope remains

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem as a way to express my feelings after my best friend stopped talking to me out of nowhere. I hope you will be able to relate somebody in your life to this poem.

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