Wrong Judgment MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Wrong Judgement

Yousit there like you're perfect
Well, you're not
You thinkthat you have something
That no one else has got
You actlike the queen of the world
But you're just like any othergirl
Why are you such a show-off?
No one really evencares
Why did I get stuck with you
When the teacher putus in pairs
Yes, I'm stuck with you, how can thisbe?
Did the teacher have to do this?
Put you in a groupwith me?

But I'm finding out more about you
Than Iever thought I knew
Now I think you're an okayperson
Whose mind I never knew
I guess the old saying'strue
There's more than meets the eye
Now I know that youhave
Many more troubles than I
So, on theinside
There's so much more to you
I have one thing leftto say
I'm sorry that I judged you

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