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August 12, 2009
By DreamingPoet89 DIAMOND, Hillsboro, Ohio
DreamingPoet89 DIAMOND, Hillsboro, Ohio
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Life without love , is no life at all

here she goes
up in the air again
the child she is
hopes she stays
like that forever
bringing smiles
into the world
laughter and joy
she is a young soul
with grace and love
learning everything
for the first time
then shes a tennager
and the world is there
staring she in the face
waiting for an answer
waiting for her to make choices
alone and confused
no more of that
child like innocence
no more hugs and smiles
everyday is a pain
and she just wants to escape
now an adult
living a simple life
never really wanting
anything huge in life
making decisions
and putting a fake smile on
again for the world to see
what a big joke life is
everyhing isn't in black and white
no more happy times
now her world is
a cold and dark place
morbid and lifeless
one that takes her
from the real
gives her a make believe world
something to quiet
all the fears
and then all is ended
by a single thread
her life in a moment

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