Improper Gentlemen

August 12, 2009
By flyingplanes GOLD, Lumberton, New Jersey
flyingplanes GOLD, Lumberton, New Jersey
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Now he’s rushing.
“What a beautiful storm!”
A sky streaked by lightening,
Stained by rain.
Tall man,
In a black coat,
A top hat with silken ribbon,
He reaches for a silver pocket watch.
Twirl the chain
A pocket watch wrapped
Around his fingers.
He’s a late best man
“More like the best of men.”
To much haste.
Into a lady.
“How very rude of me.”
A tip of a hat
Drop a rose
Leaving a single crushed petal
Bleeding into the pavement
Sound the church bells
“At least I’m close enough to hear.”
Yellow glowing street lights
Fade to the darken church.
A ceremony already begun
“How could it have started without me?”
A smirk to a bridesmaid
“Who would wait for such an improper gentleman?”
She meant those words to bite.
He finds another,
And turns around to steal a kiss
Too bad it was the bride.

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