August 12, 2009
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OMG, mother why do you let them do that.

Have you not learned the first time around?

Have you watched the way you massed up your first two children?

I was one of these children.

I know that you did not watch us try to stand in your shadow and fall again and again.

I have watch and helped my sister to stand on her own.

In my mind I was the one helping you and her to stand.

I let go of my dreams for yours.

I stand and watch you do the same thing to my sister to me.

I will not be my sister or the old me any more.

I follow one heart and one only.


When I get out of school I will be out of this house faster then you can say “come back”.

I know right were I going too.

Can you guess?

My DAD’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s sad.

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