A Crying Epiphany

August 12, 2009
By bymyside4106 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
bymyside4106 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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Suppressed and without-
but definitely with all.
The web of merciless frustration closing in now.
How much time do I have left?
How much more will I stand?
They never cared-I was a trophy, a label without mind or opinion.
Never had the chance to know.
Never had the chance to feel.
I was screaming.
I was drowning.
No one was going to save me.
Letting in nothing, my hollow heart beats slowly...
then suddenly Faster, Faster, harmonizing the incredibly vivid images now invading my perpetually absent yet altogether adept mind.-
My saddened eyes flood with the bitter liquid of my regrets.
-into a sea of my forsaken hopes and begrudging sorrows.

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