Spirit's Redemption MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


   In a clashing jumble of sea andsailing ship
it looked its last on the rancid churningwater.
   Parts and pieces made scatteringmovements
under harsh grind of salt and spray, the whiteof
the spirit's foaming eye.
   Faith longlost as the torrent prevails.
   Half-hearted,alone, the great ships give in -
left for wreckage ontossing waves.
   A last sickening gulp of breathbefore the angry
life force drags it toward the lightlessdepth.

   A struggle for life amidst chaos -ruinous defeat.
   Running, running with armspressed rigidly against
wooden fins.
   Escapeon wings of water or be victim of the lash.
  Darkened forms pushed by the penetrating gale, pulled
bythe blind strength called terror.
   Tug-of-warwith life and a clapping, howling rage.
   Pullaway! Pull away!

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