Pegasus Rising MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   If my breath could ruffle the
downy underlayer of yoursoul,
life would spread through your

Your hooves would no longer
collide with theground and
the impact-bruises would disappear.

Thecrimson nourishment offered to
you by my enchantmentwould
ensure your flourishing prophecy,
and then thesoftness would return
to your velvet eyes,
(which I hateto see swaying and
moist in a sea of pain's harshswells).

     But in thoseeyes,
     an unsound entityenraptures my mind.
     The darkghost evades my gripsconsistently
     and leavestraces of its appeal in
     A gift from theonce-flaxen terror
     thathaunts me like itsprogenitor.
     Within a secondit's gone,
     confusing mefurther.

My effort is futile, but I'll neverconcur.
No matter how hard or how long I try,
your heartwill run from me in fear
of being burned again.
Aresidue of death stays around
you in the pores of yourbones.
Pegasus arises, but I am dust.

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