Cerulean Night MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Cerulean Night

Dancing in ablue dawn with an angel on one arm,
the devil on theother,
and yellow peacocks
fanning theirwarnings
from under lavender trees.
Orchids in fullbloom
and roses dying
by the light of the moon,
andthe cat and the fiddle
crooning a skittish song.
The cowwith no legs
trying to jump out of her pen,
and thefarmer scratching his
tow head with dirty nails.
Iscream in silence
and everyonehears,
and continues on their way.
Iwalk hand in hand with fate,
and trip on invisible potholes in my path.
It's raining dogs and cats.
They fightas they fall,
and land in a mass of hissing fur.
I laughwith the voice of a child,
and weep with an old man'stears,
and savor an evening
in the company ofstars.

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