Me and My Puppy Zoe

April 24, 2009
By Courtney Davis BRONZE, Winnebago, Illinois
Courtney Davis BRONZE, Winnebago, Illinois
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Me and my puppy Zoe,
are best buddies.
5 years and still counting.
She’s the one who makes me laugh
when I’m about to cry,
I couldn’t ask for anything better.
One day I took her outside to play,
she bounced and barked.
I loved it.
She loved it.
We attempted to play soccer,
but she popped the ball with
her sharp teeth,
I wasn’t mad at her,
I thought it was funny.
No more ball, so we went for a walk.
We walked in the street,
to Grandma’s,
to my Aunt & Uncle’s,
Then stopped at the park.
I sat on the park bench,
as she sat there panting her lungs out.
I smiled and petted her soft short black and white fur.
She licked my fingers,
I could feel her wet nose touching me.
Then we started walking again.
As we passed the prairie path,
she tugged the leash toward it.
I let her explore the world around her.
She sniffed all the wild flowers I could count.
I even took in the beautiful sights around me,
but my eyes stopped at a black figure hiding in the shrubs,
where the old train track used to be.
I squinted to see if I was seeing right.
If I wasn’t mistaken it was a hunter,
blending in with the colors around him.
I started to tremble as I saw his gun.
I pulled Zoe’s leash,
she started trotting behind.
I was just about to the ending to the prairie path,
When I heard a BOOM!
and a yelp from Zoe!
I quickly took in the sight of Zoe’s bloody bullet hole,
in her side.
I covered my mouth and fell to my knees.
I knew the hunter was suspicious,
I should have known better.
This was ALL my fault.
I held her in my arms crying.
Her ears suddenly shot up and she
somehow jumped up on my shoulders I bet in pain,
and pushed me to the ground just in time,
because another shot blew from the woods.
Zoe’s short yelp.
She was shot in the head this time.
She fell limp, paralyzed.
I quickly got my thoughts together,
even though I couldn’t stop thinking about her.
I stood to my feet as fast as I could,
and picked my best friend off the ground.
Getting bloody by this.
I ran so fast my feet were in a blur.
I still could feel him lurking behind me,
but no matter what,
My mind was set on getting into someone’s view.
The first house I saw was there,
I ran up the door steps and knocked on the door.
My hands left a trace of blood behind.
They opened and looked at me wide eyed,
I told them what had happened and they let me in.
1 week later,
We had a funeral for my
best friend.
I cried like you wouldn’t believe
No matter what.
Will replace her

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece of work because my American Bulldog means the WORLD to me! This was NOT true, if it were I don't think I could live anymore. I just love Zoe and nothing else matters.

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