To Be Fair

April 20, 2009
By , New Palestine, IN
At first,
I couldn't bring myself to this decision
I was still afraid and paranoid
But now,
I can understand
I am me
Nothing will change
No matter how I
Dye my hair
Do my nails
Or wish it was different
There's always gonna be that voice
Telling me it will never be different
And I've finally accepted that
Looking around the room
And seeing the different
And hair
It remindes me that our differences
Are what makes us beautiful
Ugly is a stereotype word
Overused by people who haven't learned what I just learned
Because they only see the differences in the "ugly" person
With real feelings
And hopefully already know what I know
Wearing a smile and having a good time and making use of life
Instead of just using it to fix yourself up
Not only makes yourself and God happy, but it enhances your beauty
Nobody's "too" anything,
because God made sure that didn't happen
To be fair

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