Forgiven Enough

April 19, 2009
Go ahead,
March forward into war,
It won't bring me back anymore.
If you want to assume,
and watch all the hatred in you bloom.
Be my guest,
another toy to the rest.
You can't blame me,
for what you see.
Without explanation,
or listening to my reasoning.
You can lie in your prison,
all shattered and broken.
And refuse to believe,
and suffer with all the heartaches you'll receive.
It wasn't enough for you to tell you that I loved you,
and actually mean it too.
What you wanted, I couldn't give,
I couldn't give you more.
A good enough reason to live for,
yet you want to listen to a disturbed caption.
And go through the "Broken Heart" adoption,
and screw with something bigger.
Just to find a reason to pull the trigger...

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