In goes the bullet

April 18, 2009
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Im sorry i did it
Im sorry i did it to you
But i was hurting
These tears finally broke through
Blade down my arm
Relief, misery, agony & tears
Youre lucky youre not depressed like me
You dont know sad youre nowhere near
I couldnt just hold on
Least not anymore
Please still love me
Please...for sure...
Theres no effort in smiling
But in hiding the pain i feel
Now thats a challenge
These wounds will never heal
Time was running short
Not for me but for you
To say all those things
Those words you wanted to
I think; i whisper
I chorus this heart
As it was before
I was torn apart
The blood, the pain
Was nowhere in sight
But now i lay awake and wonder;
Will i ever be alright?
Maybe not
But maybe so
Who knows?
But for a hope so deep
And for this agonised little soul
Perhaps itll change,
And one day ill be whole?
I dont see much change
After a lifetime of waiting
Im sorry but this false faith
Is nauseating
Pick up the gun
In goes the bullet
Release the trigger
And blow a hole right through it
Im sorry i did this
Im sorry i did it to you
But i was breaking
I'm Sorry, I Had To...

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