My Skies

August 12, 2009
By GOLD, Woodridge, Illinois GOLD, Woodridge, Illinois
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true boredom is perfection

My skies are always clear
Rarely ever do they get cloudy
When they do, it’s usually only
A light drizzle for a few moments
Then my world goes back to joy

My world is full of love
Just the right amount
So it’s possible to love hard
But not too much, so if there’s pain
My world can quickly recover

A new something came to my world
Something never encountered before
It claimed to have good intents
But something isn’t right
This world of mine is shaken

Something is off in my world
This thing brought with it pain
And my skies are often cloudy
It rains much, yet there is more love
My world is unbalanced

My skies now pour more often
Its amazing how one something can
Cause so much pain, yet so much joy
It’s been decided that this thing will stay
My world will never be the same
Sweet Hurt

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